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Faculty and fellows of the ANMB have created a coaching session to familiarize the candidates with the examination pattern, shows sample questions and reporting styles and also has lectures on basic cardiology, PET scanning and cross-sectional anatomy. This session has consistently been appreciated by the candidates in their feedbacks.

Introduction to Asian Nuclear Medicine Board

Dr. Durr-e-Sabih

Chair, Asian Nuclear Medicine Board


This lecture describes the need for the Asian Nuclear Medicine Board, how the board is structured and what a fellow of the AMB can expect.

Asian Nuclear Medicine Board Examination previous papers

Dr. Kashif Rahim


This is a continuation of the previous lecture and describes in more detail how actually the exam is laid out and conducted. Questions from the previous paper have been moved from here to here.

Introduction to Sectional Anatomy

Dr. Rashid Hashmi


This has consistently been the most  liked presentation of the session and delivers tips and tricks to understanding sectional anatomy  for the non-radiologist

Introduction to PET Imaging, established and emerging applications

Dr. Punit Sharma



This is an easy introduction to PET imaging and describes principles of PET, attenuation correction, optimization etc.

The art of attempting MCQs.

Dr. Babar Imran



One of the most interesting lectures of the session, this describes the anatomy of an MCQ and how to best attempt it. Highly recommended for anyone who intends to write an exam.

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How to write the nuclear medicine report

Dr. Manjit Sharma


This discusses the finer points of reporting a nuclear medicine study

10 Tips to Get Prepared for NM OSCE


Dr. Narjess Ayati


This is a guide to how you should think about answering OSCE questions in nuclear medicine and should be essenial reading for anyone wanting to sit a nuclear medicine exam.