Fellows of Session 2022

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Fellows of Session 2022 (Seoul South Korea)

22 Afroza Naznin Akhee Bangladesh [email protected]
29 Byeonghyeon Byeon Korea [email protected]
8 Jasim Jaleel India [email protected]
28 Sae-Ryung Kang Korea [email protected]
7 Arun Ravi John India [email protected]
4 Jois Kammaradi Sreekantha Bhargavi India [email protected]
26 Shaila Sharmin Bangladesh [email protected]
24 Afroza Akhter Bangladesh [email protected]
23 Papia Akhter Bangladesh [email protected]
11 Jyosthna Mandarapu India [email protected]
27 Nayyar Rubab Pakistan [email protected]
14 Avinash Tupalli India [email protected]
20 Fateme Farahmand Iran [email protected]
2 Harish Goyal India [email protected]
1 Dhritiman Chakravorty India [email protected]
12 Shobhana Raju India [email protected]
9 Sugandha Dureja India [email protected]
19 Elinaz Hosseinzadeh Iran [email protected]
25 Urnas Islam Bangladesh [email protected]
3 Swati Hiren Rachh India [email protected]
18 Junan Imaniar Pribadi Indonesia [email protected]
17 Megawatti Setiabudhi Indonesia [email protected]
15 Andreas Lim Indonesia [email protected]
10 Gopinatha Panicker Rijju India [email protected]
5 Varsha Niranjana India [email protected]
13 Vivek Baghel India [email protected]
21 Suman Shrestha Nepal [email protected]
16 Nora Anggun Prasetyo Indonesia [email protected]
6 Taruna Goel (ABSENT) India [email protected]