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Application forms will be available here nearly 3 months before the next exam. Please see the eligibility criteria to ensure that you can apply.

ANMB 2024 exam will be held in Bali, Indonesia.
3rd to 5th September 2024

Before you start

Go through the essential information and eligibility criteria at and make sure you fulfil the requirements.

You will need to go through the chapters on “how to report nuclear medicine tests “at and be willing to self-certify that you have indeed gone through the material.

You will need to go through the teaching cases available as quizzes at and self-certify that you have indeed gone through these.

Download the form and fill it.

You will need to self-certify the level of your English language comprehension and communication skills.

Self certification boxes are built into the application form just need to be ticked to complete the requirement.

Please have the following documents scanned and ready to attach with your application:

The attachments might be high resolution JPEGS or PDF files

  1. CV,detailing your experience and publications if any
  2. Bio page of your passport. (Please ensure your passport is valid till June 2025 in case you need a visa)
  3. Your Medical Degree
  4. Registration with the national medical council (needs to be current)
  5. Recent passport sized picture scanned copy with your application
  6. Letter of recommendation (see application form)
  7. Abstract of the project of the poster that you will need to bring along

Please also bring two photographs with you in case these are needed



  1. Please make a 90 x 120 cm poster on a nuclear medicine topic that you have worked on, presented or published. Describe your project under introduction, material and method, result, discussion and conclusion. You will need to participate in the poster session on 5th September.

Bring two hard copies of recent photographs (one passport sized, the other 2 x 2 cm). These might be needed during the exam.

Pre-exam teaching session:

On 3rd September, 2024, there will be a teaching session on cross sectional anatomy and recent advances in nuclear medicine. This is a regular feature of the examination schedule and happens in the afternoon preceding the exam. Most candidates find this of great use. Those selected for the exam are encouraged to arrive in Seoul before noon on the 1st or earlier to allow them to settle-in before the teaching session. 

Your arrival and departure flight schedule will need to be communicated when asked for.

Exam Schedule:

4th September:

9.00 am to 11. am. MCQs.
11.15 am to 11.45 am. Report writing
11.45 am to 1.00 pm. Lunch to 4 pm: Oral exam (viva on 4 clinical scenarios).
6 pm: results announced

5th September:

Poster presentation

Award of certificates.


No fellowship available for exam 2024.

Please visit for more information and structure of the exam.

Excerpts from actual papers from previous years can be accessed at: