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ANMB 2024 exam will be held in Bali, Indonesia.
3rd to 5th September 2024

Before you start

Go through the eligibility criteriaon the next page and make sure you fulfil the requirements.

You will need to go through 10 e-learning modules at  and be willing to self- certify that you have gone through the material.

You will need to go through the “how to report nuclear medicine tests “ at and be willing to self-certify that you have indeed gone through the material.

Please visit  for more information and structure of the exam.

Excerpts from actual papers from previous years can be accessed at:

Schedule for examinees

3rd September, 2024__Teaching session (3-5 pm), attendance preferred, not mandatory
4th SeptemberExamExam. Results announced by 6 pm
5th SeptemberPoster session. Attendance mandatory

Your travel: Please make your flight bookings according to the schedule above.




The examination will be held in English, which consists of a report writing component and an oral exam. Your command over English should be sufficient to:

1. Write a nuclear medicine report clearly, explaining the procedure, findings, probable diagnosis, differential diagnosis and the next step in patient management.
2. Discuss a nuclear medicine scan with your examiner during the oral part of the exam.

You will need to certify the level of your understanding and communicating in the English language.

Research Abstract and Poster

1) A 300 word abstract for the poster presentation is required to be submitted at the time of application. The abstract must be in the form of a research project, with the headings of “introduction, material and method, result, discussion and conclusion”. Case reports are not acceptable. Abstracts not submitted in this format will require resubmission/rejected.
2) You will be required to prepare a poster based on this abstract. The poster should also have the headings of “introduction, material and method, result, discussion and conclusion”. You will need to participate in the poster session at the ARCCNM/AOCNMB Poster Session on 5th of September 2024, following the conclusion of your exam, regardless of your result. The poster dimensions will be advised by the organisers of the AOCNMB.


Download the form here

Please have the following documents scanned and ready to attach with your application:

1. CV, detailing your experience and publications if any
2. Biopage of your passport
3. Your Medical Degree
4. Registration with the national medical council (needs to be current)
5. Recent passport sized picture scanned copy with your application

The attachments might be high resolution JPEG or PDF files
Once you have read the material, filled the form and signed the certificates please send everything as an email with attachment to:

[email protected]

Cc to

[email protected]

You should get an acknowledgement of receipt within 3 working days. If you have not received this, please email again explaining that the documents have not been acknowledged.

If you are accepted for sitting the exam you will receive information about the exam venue, how to reach there, preferred hotel information etc.